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Norwegian Tailfin Heroes
Norwegian Tailfin Heroes



Norwegian Airlines' preference in the regions of Norway was sinking, and we were challenged to come up with an idea that could change this trend.


Our insight: If we find an idea that the local press around in Norway will write about, we will also win back the preference in the regions. The challenge is that all communities in Norway are very different regarding size and population. But they have one thing in common; some sort of local hero.The tailfin hero needs to be dead, so here we got everything from black metal musicians to Pentecostal preachers.


Individual propaganda campaigns created for the different pre-suggested heroes were designed to reflect their respective lives and eras.


Creative team: Christine Frances Betten, Karina Ullensvang, Per Erik Jarl, Christian Hygen, Tina Rygh, Bjørnar Thorsen - Kitchen (Leo Burnett)

Design team: Marianne Sæther, Håkon Stensholt​


Gold in Integrated - Gullblyanten 2012

Gold in Travel & Tourism - Gullblyanten 2012

Diploma in Craft - Gullblyanten 2012

Sølvtaggen May 2012

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